The OpenBridge Libraries are available open source. This consist of two libraries, a css/sass implementation, OpenBridge CSS, and a web components implementation, OpenBridge Web Components.

New OpenBridge Implementation

We're excited to share that we are making a new open source repository for our OpenBridge implementation!

This project is built with webcomponents/lit, and we've also prepared wrappers for Vue and React to ensure a smooth integration for different development environments.

Please note, we're still in the early stages of development, so the documentation might be a little sparse for now. However, we will work on it and your feedback would be immensely valuable. Dive in, explore, and let us know your thoughts!

For now we have focused on the application components, but also azimuth thruster as an example implementation for instruments.

Implement a component.

‍ Start implement a component by following the guide here.

1. Find the description of the component (registration required).

2. Clone the project.

3. Develop the component in your own branch.

4. File a pull request when you're satisfied with the code.

5. We will then review your code, both to check the code and that the visual design is implemented correctly. The code will then be merged into our master branch.

OpenBridge Web Components OLD

The guideline is implemented as web components and can be used by any web framework (React, angular, Vue.js or HTML).

DemoInstall from NPMContribute at GitLab

OpenBridge CSS OLD

The CSS library includes definitions of all variables in all pallets. It also includes CSS definition of UI and navigation components.